The Tevis Trail: Pucker Up

13 Sep

We made it to a real important part of the Virtual Tevis trail called Pucker Point. Back in the day, this type of trail would have been nothin to me, as a bonafide hard-workin and sure-footed ranch horse, although trottin through such a pass seems a bit excessive, even if we was hot on the tail of a bad and renegade bovine. Trottin would surely be the best way to lose some cattle over the cliff, and there ain’t nobody who wants that, neither cow, nor horse, nor rider. And if by chance a cow tumbled to the bottom and landed in one piece, then it’d be my job as the ranch horse to help ger her back out. That sounds like hard ropin and draggin work, which again, nobody wants nor needs.

This here is the real Pucker Point.

This here tells some more about it, along with other particular parts of the Tevis trail, some of which are also pucker-worthy.

This here is our very own County Island Pucker Point:

As y’all can see, the county part of the County Island came through sometime recently and done filled our Pucker Point all in with gravel ‘til there ain’t nothin to point at nor pucker over at all. It used to entail about a 12-inch drop-off — which is enough to twist a hoof in if you’re not a careful horse. I would still recommend against walkin through the gravel part on account of it seems kinda soft and deep, and not packed down real hard yet, and that can be bad on our tender leg-tendons and such.

Also, I got an Instagrain page now, as thusly y’all can see above. I am called @countyisland. (Old horses can learn new tricks all the time.)

So there it is, amigos — Pucker Point.

Onward we go toward Last Chance, which begs the obvious question for a sensible horse — last chance for what?

Total miles: 47.01

Current Tevis trail section: Robinson Flat to Last Chance

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