The Tevis Trail: A Pretend Campground and a Real Food Truck

11 Sep

Amigos, we made to the pretend (or “virtual” if you like to put on airs) Robinson Flat campground at mile 36 into the Tevis Cup ride! (Camper for proof, as the colts say. Although I swear this our very own camper at our very own ranch, and nowhere near anyplace called Robinson Flat. We don’t have one of those on the County Island.)

Mile 36.
Robinson Flat Campground. Seems strangely familiar.

Also, we seem to be doin pretty much #tevisonemileatatime. I’m told by the younger pretend Tevis horses that we have to say the “#” part out loud, like say hash and then say tag.

Anyhow, for real, and not for virtual, I was further told we planned to spend at least the next 24 hours here at the pretend campground, because the horse-shoein man was comin out to fix up all our hooves. We don’t get rode the day he comes out, and I usually don’t get rode for a couple days after, on account of I am old and wise and have to hold my old and wise hocks up high for the job. Then my hocks get a bit of a breather. I am barefoot, by the way, since Tevis riders like to know such things, but lowercase barefoot, not new-fangled Barefoot.

The bucket gal also wanted to give us a spa day, which is a real important ritual for pampered pet pleasure horses, and Tevis horses, on the County Island. Unlike when I was a workin ranch horse, when what mattered was doin good work, what matters here is bein pretty, and havin a pretty tail. Normally Tevis horses only spend an hour at the campground, and likely don’t get tail baths with shampoo, conditioner and LaserSheen, but it seems reasonable for a 32-year-old Tevis horse like me to take a longer break. And might as well feel pretty while you’re restin.

Are there any other 32-year-old Tevis horses this year? Do we got anybody else over age 30? Any others over the spry young age of 25? I like to know these things, for horse reasons.

Anyhow again, we planned to spend a day takin a break, but then we had a slight change in plans when the horse-shoein man couldn’t come out ‘til the next week. So we went for short Tevis rides anyhow, which the bucket gal called “pulsin down.” I guess we’ll meet up with the horseshoein man somewhere along the pretend Tevis trail since we ain’t waitin for him at home now. Will he trim me on the go? Will he pop out at us on the trail, like a sweet-talkin but evil vet lady? Will he show up at our home-corral like usual and make a liar out of me? It’s all highly unusual, but this is a highly unusual Tevis Cup ride.

Here’s some information about what happens at a real Robinson Flat vet hold. 

While we was wanderin around pulsin down and pretendin to be at Robinson Flat while waitin on the horseshoer (while truly loggin somethin like four more miles, which seemed like a real excessive cool-down to me, but maybe we were tryin to “gobble up this stretch” only at a dead walk?), one mornin — we found an awesome food truck just outside the campground. Breakfast on the go, how about that? Tevis horses sure do get treated right. It truly was a “smorgasbord” and who cares about cleanin up a “filthy rider” when there’s a buffet of fresh hay to behold!

I can’t really chew hay anymore, but we’re not talkin about that. I can still inhale it and gobble it up, and roll it around in my mouth ’til I spit most of it out.

We found the bonafide smorgasbord of food, as promised. Who knew Robinson Flat had a food truck? They think of every convenience and luxury here on the Tevis trail.

So next up, we’re headin to Last Chance at what’s called the 50-mile checkpoint, doin #tevisonemileatatime. I suppose we’ll get there when we get there. But it’s kinda satisfyin to see how we do get there. Forward is forward, like the wise horsemen say.

Here’s the Google Ranch spinny view of Robinson Flat. Try not to get motion-sick.

Total miles: 40.61

Current Tevis trail section: Robinson Flat to Last Chance 

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