I’m Ridin’ in the WHAT Now?

27 Jul

Tevis 5 Days

Amigos, I am 32 years old. I am barefoot and don’t wear no new-fangled hoof boots. I got an old cheap workin saddle and a plain snaffle bit. I go out to get rode and walked about one to two people-miles a day. Also I got a crazy bucket gal.

And I still hardly believe “endurance” ridin is a real thing, even though I’ve had it explained to me before, thusly.

Also I do believe the bucket gal has finally lost what’s left of her mind.

I, Whiskey, am apparently ridin the Tevis this year.

I have to do it, so I’m told, on account of it’s a thing the bucket gal always wished she could do. Why she’s got to do it with me, a horse couldn’t tell ya.

If your own bucket gals and guys care to lose their own minds, too, I am told more terrible and likely untruthful information about the 2020 Virtual Tevis deal can be found here. And it helps good people keep some real good trails open for good horses. So there’s that.

See y’all here on the County Island, and also on the Tevis trail…

virtual tevis buckle



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