31 Aug

Lost blog photo


A Poe-tree, by Whiskey

Been losin my teeth —

Well, not me, but my mouth is,

On account of age.

But age means wisdom,

And the best part of bein

Full of wisdom’s FOOD.

Food means more buckets.

Buckets of this, buckets of

That. Lots of that.

Grain, pellets, rice bran,

Lots of Equine Senior, too,

And also gluco—

Glu – co – so – my – een?

Stuff for my bad hawks.

And dog medicine.

That’s called Previcox.

But if a person asks, it’s

For sure Equiox

On account of I

Am a bonafide ranch horse

And I ain’t no dog.

The point is, it all

Tastes great to a toothless mouth.

But mostly tooth-full.

I still got most my teeth

Even if they’re worn flat as

A road-kill raccoon.

Sorry to be so

Indelicate, but likely

You know what I mean.

If not, well, my teeth

Is all smooth and flat.

What’s left, anyhow.

The point is, buckets!

There’s perks to bein toothless.

And ya get respect

In the form of food.

And also, County Island

Folks say Aww! when they

Find out you’re real old.

Like age makes a horse worth more.

Which it likely does.

Age, wisdom, buckets —

It’s good to be a horse here,

County Island-style,

Unless your bucket

Gal’s runnin late! Then you’re just

A sad old-timer

Waitin to gum your

Wet feed, waitin by the fence …

Waitin, waitin, wait —

Wait! Here she comes now!

OHMYGOD, feed the old horse!

Before he might lose

As much hopefulness

As all the teeth he’s missin!

Not to sound prancey.

Mmm-mmm. My mouth’s full.

I got sweet feed to eat, ya’ll.

So kindly — get lost.

Unless maybe you brought me a cookie?



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2 responses to “Lost

  1. Bernadette Lacorte

    August 31, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Oh Whiskey, I so enjoy your posts. Keep writng those stories!i

    • Whiskey Ranch-Horse

      September 1, 2016 at 8:24 pm

      Thanks kindly, Miss Bernadette. I intend to tell stories until I can’t no more. So, y’all have been warned.


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