A Heart for Helpin Horses: New York City and Beyond

16 Mar

One of my good amigos inquired a couple or more bucket times ago as to what I think, as a horse myself, about the new sheriff of the New York City Ranch Town, who aims to get rid of all the good workin horses and take ‘em from the people that own ‘em and love ‘em and do horse only knows what with ‘em. But not all of ‘em – only the ones that got jobs pullin carriages, and not all the other ones that do police work. I also ain’t a horse to go lookin for trouble, but I find myself in a position now where I got to speak up on behalf of my city horse-cousins. If a horse can tell words and stories, sometimes he’s got to use his abilities for such a purpose. I don’t get up on my own high-horse self often, also on account of I’m only about 14.2 hands, but today I’m gonna be a bonafide high-horse.

First off, from what I heard, the mayor fella is all hat, no cowboy. Meanin he’s a real city slicker who ain’t got no idea what a actual horse needs.

What’s worse, I gather he also don’t care none. He ain’t got any interest in visitin the workin horses for himself nor listenin to the good people that work with those good horses to learn a thing or two straight from the horse’s mouth.

Another good cowboy, who I ain’t never met but I’d surely like to someday, called Mister Liam Neeson, has been goin around to all the ranches everywhere and speakin the truth on behalf of horses and the people that love ‘em and work side by side with ‘em every day. If a horse could wear a hat, I’d tip my own hat to Mister Neeson.

I ain’t never visited the New York City Ranch myself, on account of I gather it’s more than a day’s ride from the County Island plus a real long ride in the trailer, but our bucket gal and her carrot guy took a people-vacation there and sometimes I hear her tellin her friends all about how them workin carriage horses is all fine and dandy, same as all the workin police horses that got the same sort of care and livin arrangements.

To say that one’s got a hard job on account of pullin a carriage, but the other horse don’t is, pardon my french, bullshit, and as a retired workin ranch horse, I know my bullshit. Seems to me the mayor fella ought to high-tail it outa town before somebody sends a posse of police horses after him! And I know some police horses, too, personally.

Don’t he know if ya take 10 horsefolk and ask ‘em for an opinion, you’re likely to get 10 different answers? There ain’t nothin County Island folk, and I reckon New York City Ranch folk, too, like to argue more about than how to take care of a horse proper. Some folks say we ought to live in barns, some say we ought to roam free, but sometimes it’s up to us horses and what we’re used to, plus I’ve known plenty of horses to get hurt, colic, grow an ulcer that hurts their belly, and even die in a big purty field just as well as in a tidy inside stall-barn. Y’all can argue the details ‘til the cows come home, and I also know how long that can take.

But a horse who’s got a job, and regular meals, and a clean stall with other horses to talk to, and care for his hooves and his body, plus a bonafide vacation plan, too, is a lucky horse, indeed. Y’all can see one of the stables where the horses live right here.

I reckon what the sheriff and his so-called posse need to be educated on is how us horses live, day to day, not just in the New York City Ranch, but everyplace. It’s like they ain’t got a clue what’s normal livin conditions nor what’s even normal horse behavior. Do they know even the most prancified, high-falutin, what’s called “Olympic” level horses lives in box stalls, too?

There also ain’t no people who are gonna adopt, which is to say, take on responsibility for and feed, all the horses in the entire New York Ranch if he shuts the ranch down. When a ranch shuts down, it’s generally bad news for horses. Don’t he know about all the horses that are on the truck for Mexico and such? All the horses that’s gettin abandoned due to the risin cost of hay, maybe picked up by a horse rescue that’s already runnin lean if they’re lucky? I know it, first-hoof!

And there’s some more y’all can read about right here. It’s happenin to horses everywhere. These here are some of my ranch-horse cousins.

Historic California Drought Forces Rancher to Thin His Herd of Horses

Y’all will be wantin to go forth and help the horses that is bein starved and neglected and abused, not the ones that are looked after proper but all ya got to argue about is if their stalls should be a people-foot wider or not, or if they should get out in turnout pens all the time or not. That’s just splittin horse-hairs.

How come the New York City ranch mayor-sheriff and his posse don’t speak up and ask all the people who got such a deep sense of concern for the horses to go on and help all the starvin and abused horses that could really use a person’s help?

I’m glad they’re so many folks who got good hearts and want to help us horses. I rightly am. And here’s lots of horses out there who could use your help. But these ain’t the horses y’all are lookin’ for. Y’all are bein used by what’s called politicians and bureaucrats, which are dreadful and untrustworthy kinds of people. Let me show y’all how to help, for real.

This is merely a few of the many good places where ya can truthfully help a horse in need. If ya know of others, kindly recommend ‘em to me, thanks kindly. There’s plenty of ‘em near your own people-barns wherever ya live that could use some good, local help from people like y’all who care.

Blue Star Equiculture –

Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, Inc. (AERO) –

Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue –


Please, kind folks, and please, mister mayor-sheriff of the New York City Ranch, if you got good hearts to help animals, and especially us horses, go help the ones who need all of y’all and leave those of us that’s doin fine alone to be happy and healthy in our work. Listen to Mister Neeson, ‘cause he’s got the most horse sense I’ve heard in this whole deal. Every horse would appreciate it from the bottom of his feed pan. I mean heart. Well, truth to tell, it’s kinda the same thing for us horses. We all got that in common.

Why Don’tcha Go and Visit the Famous Horse-Drawn Carriages of New York?

And Why Don’tcha Also Go Meet Roger the NYC Carriage Horse?


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