One-Second Cow Clinic

12 Mar

It occurred to me kinda recently that maybe not everybody was raised as a ranch horse, like I was, or if you’re a person, maybe you’ve never done an honest day’s work with a horse, so I thought I’d take a second here to teach everybody how to properly work cattle.

Since as the cowboys say, a picture’s worth a thousand people-words, I also reckoned a picture would be best, for your people-learnin purposes.

And since unlike when people play their pointless stupid cow games, such as team pennin and team sortin, when a horse does real cow work, he can’t choose his weather and cancel workin if he don’t like the weather, I reckoned I’d demonstrate how to work in the rain and wet.

Furthermore, since every horse knows the horse does all the work, I figured I’d skip havin the bucket gal ride me. All she does is get in my way, anyway.

And also, since there’s no cattle here in my little County Island horse-corral, I reckoned I’d use Coors Light for my cow.

So, then, here’s my Whiskey’s One-Second Cow Clinic on the subject of how to properly turn back a cow. Even a prancey cow. Look and learn.

Whiskey’s Cow Horse Tip #1: If ya ain’t got a cow, use what ya got.

Whiskey’s Cow Horse Tip #1: If ya ain’t got a cow, use what ya got.

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