For Art’s Sake

13 Feb

Mostly, I like to express myself usin my words, well, also my ears, and my eyes, and my nose, and my tail, and my hooves, too, oh, and also my voice through my nickers, neighs, squeals and such, and tellin y’all stories about what my life’s like on the County Island. But occasionally, like the people like to say, a picture’s worth a thousand — which I gather means a lot, like a whole herd of ’em, if there was such a thing — words.

Sometimes I like to create what’s called “performance art,” mostly usin my own bucket as the art. For instance, I already once showed everybody this here artwork:

And so recently I made another art, which I would like to reveal to everybody today, in the picture down below that I made to show you. This one I call “Barely Hangin’ in There Until Bucket Time.” Or maybe I should call it, more simple-like, “Out of Reach.” Or “Bucket Out of Reach.” Do I really need to say bucket when the art’s clearly got a bucket in it? Or maybe “Things a Horse Can Do With His Bucket When He’s Hungry and Bored.”

So, as you can tell, this here art has got a lot of names. The people call that an “interpretation” of art. And they say everyone can interpret it different. For instance, our bucket gal might likely call this one, “WTH (which means “what the hell”), Whiskey?” Or another person might see the old splatters of bran and grain down there on the black tar-pit mat, and call it somethin like “A Interpretation of Bran.” Or “Stop Wastin All the Bran by Mashin It Into the Rubber Mat.” Maybe that one’s just somethin I heard our bucket gal say more than once.

All the rabbits that’s related generationally to our old bucket bunny, who I made a story about once, would zero in on mashed-up bran on the mats, and not even count the bucket in their art interpretion, and call this piece “Bunny Food That Falls From the Heavens,” on account of I tend to dribble my bran a lot.

Anyhow. Here, forthwith, is my latest art, for y’all to maybe reflect upon and interpret with your own people-senses.

Art, by Whiskey

Art, by Whiskey

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