Shady Rest

30 Dec

While I was walkin at my usual leisurely pace through the wash that runs across the County Island – the wash I’ve told everybody about before which ain’t normally much of a wash to tell of, but which sometimes washes up somethin downright strange to both me and my bucket gal, such as when I saved the life of a County Island dog that was under attack from a pack of coyotes, or such as when the wash ran like a ragin river and washed out the road and a poo dumpster too, or such as where we found the kinda special Ben’s bell hangin in a palo verde, or such as where there’s some kinda ongoing people-game of warfare…Well, now that I think about it, I guess a lot goes down in the wash, after all. Huh.

Anyhow, the other day, I happened to notice some kinda funny flat rocks set in a pattern, set upon the sandy side of the wash. And because I turned my head, I guess, the bucket gal stopped me and she had to have a look at the funny flat rocks, too. I don’t know why a person would care about some rocks, unless maybe she thought they was a pack of tiny desert tortoises. I also don’t know why a person would care about a desert tortoise. But I digress.

So we stopped and we looked at the flat rocks. And the bucket gal read the rocks out loud to me, on account of there were people-words written upon the rocks. She likes to tell me stuff out loud sometimes, mostly uninterestin people stuff, but sometimes it applies to a horse.

As told to me by the bucket gal, the rocks said, in words that was made by what sounded to be some little buckaroos:


Here lies a coyote

A coyote that we

Never knew but

We learned about

and loved


December 18, 2012 R.I.P.

 I don’t know what a R.I.P. is, but I take it the buckaroos made some kinda fancy restin spot for a coyote, with some nice rocks, on the sandy side of the wash and under a nice big shade tree. That’s nice, I guess. Kinda peaceful. I ain’t real sure about lovin on no coyote, from my own personal experience with the critters back in my ranch days, but if a little person can love an animal and wants to learn about an animal, and provide it with some shade and say some thoughtful words about it, that’s alright by me. Maybe there’s some hope for the County Island, after all.

R.I.P. to you, Mr. Coyote.

R.I.P. to you, Mr. Coyote.

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