Here’s a Rabbit

06 Aug

Hey y’all,

Like the name says, this here’s a rabbit. Well, and me.



Maybe you recall the tale of the bucket bunny we had here on the County Island? Well, since then, generations upon generations of more bucket bunnies been livin here. They do like to steal my bucket grain, and my alfalfa, but I’m mostly willin to share.

I also ain’t sure if everyone knows that I’m a bonafide Internet equine land baron these days, with not only my home on the County Island right here, but I also got me a Facebook Ranch spread. That’s where I like to show everybody my rabbits, and my palomino tarantula spiders (don’t worry, they ain’t gonna bite ya) and other such things. Purty much whatever an old ranch horse feels like sharin on his own ranch. So if ya ain’t moseyed over to my Facebook Ranch, maybe you might like it there. And while you’re there, y’all can -literally- like it, too.

We got room for everybody over there. Even all the rabbits.


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