Sun Spottin’

22 May

You may recall the purty picture I made for y’all a while ago, where I showed ya somethin nice instead of tellin a story about it? Well, I got somethin else to show everybody, from the other evenin when the moon and the sun cast some big ol’ glowin shadows upon the County Island.

Now, when I was a tiny colt, my dam told me never to stare straight into the sun, no matter how purty and golden, like me, it was. She said a horse who did so was likely to suffer from sun spot fever thereafter. We all know them horses that seem to walk around mutterin to themselves about nothin all the time, and who spook in the plain daylight at things that ain’t even there. I reckon maybe those are horses who have seen sun spots.

So, I’d be obliged if you’d have a look at this, but maybe don’t look too long or hard upon it, in case people can be afflicted with sun spot fever, too. But y’all can see why I felt so compelled to look at it, this one time. It was purty and mysterious and spooky all at once, which is the kind of thing a horse has got to keep at least one eye on.

purty and golden — like me

still a purty settin sun, and also kinda dark, mysterious, and spooky

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