Hair Today

22 Mar

No matter how fine and fluffy a good horse gets in the wintertime when he dons his warm and wooly haircoat, there eventually always comes a day, sure as the baby cactus birds, and baby-rattle snakes, and bouncin baby bucket bunnies are born, when a horse must shed. Even a cowboy takes his stetson off sometimes. And today, well, the timin felt right to me to shed my fine yellow stetson, so to speak. Hey now, I’m a horse, not a metaphor maker.

Which got me thinkin about how danged itchy and sweaty I been of late. Except for maybe four, five bucket times ago, when a great damp and freezy rain storm came upon the County Island, and then I’ll give y’all one guess who was the toasty warm palomino horse, and who was the whiny shiverin red horse, and who was the funny-lookin near-nekkid sheep-horse wrapped up in a blue tarp called a “rain sheet.” But no matter how bad I get a case of the sweaty itchiness, I try to hang on to my hair for as long as I can, until I can feel it, deep down in my bones, that the hot time’s come upon us again.

And sometime, likely late yesterday, I done felt the hot time a-comin. And then I set to sheddin. And I mean sheddin. A good horse has got to do things right, none of this mamby-pamby maybe I’m gonna shed, maybe I’m not. I mean, ease myself into the sheddin for a little while, until I’m sure, y’know, but then, it is sheddin time! Y’all shoulda seen me sheddin tonight, I tell you what! Our bucket gal done brushed all of us tonight, and she was near covered from head to toe in red and yellow horse hair, like some kinda chestnut-mino human pinto horse combination. Ain’t that a ridiculous notion of a critter? I made that up right now. And she got palomino horse hair inhaled all the way up her nose, even though people ain’t got much for noses, and she snorted it out louder and funnier than I ever heard any old horse snortin, even when a horse snorts out a bee or somethin… Ah, well, I guess maybe you had to be there.

But I got to ask, which color horse looks best when it’s sheddin, the red one or the fine yellow one?


And do y’all know what comes next, right after sheddin time, but before the hot time? That’s right – palo verde flower eatin time!

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