A Purty Sight to See

01 Feb

I know I’m mostly a story-tellin kind of horse, and it’s good how I learned how to make a blog for myself to tell all the people all of my words, otherwise I’d likely bore my horse-buddies Coors and Coors Light half to death tellin ’em my same stories over and over again (but they should respect their elders, and listen to me anyhow, don’t y’all agree?), although it is my hard-earned prerogative as a wise old ranch horse that actually worked hard for a livin for so many years unlike the prancified pleasure horses and backyard pet horses of the County Island, to repeat myself if I so choose. But I digress.

So, anyhow, once in a while somethin strikes me as bein kinda purty, so I wanted to show ya somethin purty I saw the other evenin while chewin on my supper beneath the settin sun. I’m mostly a horse who follows the notion that purty is as purty does, but even so, sometimes a thing can simply be purty, all on its own. Even if it ain’t useful.

So I’d be obliged if y’all would take a moment to enjoy this, which ain’t a useful thing at all, but it was still a purty sight to see, made purtier by way of me havin good hay in my belly at the time and no saddle nor bridle nor ridin-clothes-wearin bucket gal to be seen nowhere.

See, like I told ya? That ain't an ugly thing at all, is it, if a horse has got to look at somethin in the evenin?

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