Gone Viral

05 Jun


Seems like lately, us horses ain’t been doin as much as usual. Not that I mind, mind you, but it’s somethin an observant horse can’t help but notice. We don’t seem to be leavin the corral much, and when we do get taken out for a mosey under saddle, seems like we been actively avoidin goin past any of the boardin stable ranches or the kinda more trafficky or horse-populated places. It’s been a while since I seen the truck and the white rollin horse box hooked up and come to fetch one of us, and Coors Light ain’t gone off in the horse box to the prancin lady’s for his prancin lessons in I don’t know how long. Ain’t hardly even been any of the horses from the neighborhood on the County Island come trail ridin past our corral, neither.

It’s been kinda like a ghost town around these here parts, horse-wise. I’ve likely seen some tumbleweeds blowin through and some vultures and hawks circlin above, too. I also just done got my horse-hocks “done” by the vet lady (I used to think they was hawks like birds, but I learned different now), and usually when I get my hocks done, the bucket gal sets to ridin me more ‘cause my hocks feel good. But not this time.

And then this mornin, me and Coors and Coors Light saw the stranger from New Yawk on his regular mornin walk, and he done stopped to ask the bucket gal another one of his urban cowboy questions. He’s alright, though. A right friendly guy even if he can’t talk real good on account of his accent, for instance callin the three of us “hawses,” and sayin “youse” instead of a proper “y’all” and such.

He was wantin to know about all the hawses that’s been sick. Which made me prick my ears a bit, ‘cause far as I know, I been feelin fine and so have Coors and Coors Light. It ain’t good when a horse gets sick, ‘cause that means the vet lady will be pokin around more – literally pokin at us horses. He said he heard there was a hawse, I mean horse, virus, which means a sickness, and our bucket gal said yes, there was, and yes, some horses was sick, and some horses had even died. I ain’t sure what died is exactly, but it don’t sound good. I reckoned the only reason I ain’t caught wind of this here horse sickness prior was on account of how scarce everybody’s been keepin themselves around the County Island.

I learned that we got what’s called a “self quarantine,” which means everybody is keepin his self or her self on their own ranches, mostly, so as not to expose a sick horse to a healthy horse, and so to keep the horse virus from spreadin more. That struck me as right thoughtful of the people on the County Island. I guess they do got our welfare in mind most of the time, even though I wish they’d come to know how much more healthy we’d be, I swear it true on my own ranch brand, if we could have a whole lot more alfalfa and a lot more buckets brimmin with the goodness of candy-grain.

But I don’t mind the downtime, like I said. Although it is a bit lonesome not seein more of my horse-friends out ridin and hearin their news from their corners of the County Island, and bein more or less cooped up here with a bored Coors and a bored Coors Light. A bored Ayrab horse ain’t a good thing, I tell you what.

I hope all the sick horses get healthy again right quick. And I hope all the healthy horses, mainly me, that is, stay as healthy as a hawse can be. We all got places to go and things to do, even those of us that’s mostly tryin to remain retired.


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One response to “Gone Viral

  1. Whiskey B.

    June 6, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Oh, yeah — and none of us needs to see the evil vet lady any more than we can help it! That’s the best reason of all for a horse to stay healthy.


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