Flower Power

13 Mar

It's nearly the time of year when the blossom buffet is open!

If I was a horse that had developed a weakness since leavin the ranch and comin to live on the County Island, that weakness would likely look like a tiny yellow flower. Every year, after the end of the cold time and right before the start of the hot time, sure as the rattlesnakes slither back up to the surface of the sand, all the barren palo verde trees in the desert set to burstin with savory, sunshiney blossoms, bringin forth a bonafide buffet for any equine that’s got good taste. And you know I got good taste.

I been learnin to do a kind of talkin that’s called poetry, specifically high-ku poetry. And so I done wrote some high-kus about grazin on palo verde flowers that I thought maybe you’d like to hear.


Oh, tiny flowers—

Standin on my toes, neck arched—

Eat ‘em one by one.


Huh. My nose itches.

Must. Reach. Flowers. Itch. Reach. Itch.

Tastes like sunshine. Itch.


Mouth full of flowers,

Feelin scratchy all over,

Must. Reach. More. Flowers.


Rollin in the sand,

But I got to eat more buds,

Just can’t get enough!


Glorious, golden

Gifts from the trees, I love you—

Can’t. Stop. Scratchin… huh.


…what’s in my bucket?

I don’t want no “azium”—

Want. Itch. Flowers. Scratch.


Literal windfall!

Blossoms blowed down on the ground

Is better to reach!


What ails me is you!

Stop rakin up my flowers!

Those is mine to eat!


And I could go on. But my poetry likely paints you the picture of what happened one time between me, and our bucket gal, and my flowers, probably now about five flower-times ago. I don’t know what she’s got against a horse enjoyin a flowery feast that comes but once a year. Oh, I know I got kind of a well-developed sweet tooth for ‘em, but it ain’t like they do a horse no harm.

Well, I do always get kinda extra itchy and scratchy durin palo verde blossom time, and then our bucket gal persists in feedin me nasty “azium,” which tastes right sour, and she also sets to washin me, which involves purposefully gettin a horse entirely wet and then rubbin him all over with what’s called “medicated shampoo.” But I do not see what my little bout of itchin and scratchin’s got to do with those delicious, tiny yellow flowers. I mostly think she’s jealous that she can’t graze on somethin so savory herself, and instead’s got to make do with the foul feedstuff that the people got to eat.

And I still got no idea what delicious yellow flowers got to do with feedin a horse nasty medicines nor likely drownin him in medicated shampoo.




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7 responses to “Flower Power

  1. Louise

    March 14, 2011 at 5:30 am

    They’re beautiful flowers, and you are quite the poet. Hope the itchies go away fast.


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