Hold on to Yer Horses!

22 Jan

Last night’s storm was a doozie! I hope yer all safe and dry today, because I sure ain’t dry yet. And it’s still rainin’ here right now.

Here I was just tellin’ you about the Big One of ’07, and then yesterday we had a “tor-nado” warning, so I was told, and “flash flood” warnings from one of the entire state to the other, not merely the county island. The rain came down all day long, and finally it turned sideways so it was gettin’ us completely soaked, even while standin’ under the roof. Coors and Coors Light had to stand in muddy puddles while they ate their supper in their stalls, and I was standin’ in puddles under the overhang, too. All I could say to them, between bites of my own water-logged hay, was, “What’s a matter, you daisies? Ain’t never been in a bit of water and wind before?” I am sure I been in worse.

Locally speakin’, the Big One of ’07 was a lot worse than this one, although I hear this one may be worse for all the horses everywhere, and the people, too. I hope they all stay safe. And this one, it lasted all day. At least we got roofs over our heads to start with. And buckets. Do not forget my bucket.

Keep yer butts to the wind out there.


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2 responses to “Hold on to Yer Horses!

  1. Dot

    January 23, 2010 at 8:35 am

    der gazebo ist kaput, ja.

  2. Whiskey B.

    January 24, 2010 at 1:52 am

    Howdy Dot, and pardon me if I’m not hearin’ your accent correctly, ’cause I ain’t real good with German, but I believe you’re sayin’ that you had a gazebo outdoors that done blowed over in the storm. Is that right? Well, I’m real sorry to hear that.

    I’m not sure what kinda livestock you’re housin’ in your gazebo, ’cause I don’t know why else you’d have such a thing in your yard, but if I might suggest it, I’d suggest buildin’ a real barn next time around.

    And give it some walls. We got a barn here called a “mare motel” that’s got no walls at all, and it’s alright most of the time, but there’s days when we could use some walls to protect us from the elements. I never used to know about walls back when I was a workin’ ranch horse, but I seen ’em since then, and I heard my roommates Coors and Coors Light whine about how they wished they had some. I got to admit, they seem like a good idea.

    So when you rebuild your gazebo whatsit, try buildin’ a real barn with some walls, why don’tcha?


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