The Code of the West

14 Jan

I like to live my life by what’s called the Code of the West. I’m a simple horse, but, let me tell you, I did not get to this age by bein’ a stupid horse. The Code says the strongest survive — well, among the other things it says. It was a daily fact of life on the ranch where I was raised. It ain’t personal. It’s business, alright. The Code says a horse has got to do what a horse has got to do.

And that’s why, yesterday afternoon, when I was on what’s called a “trail ride” on the island here with my city cousin, a fellow palomino, although a bit of a prancified palomino, who sometimes goes by the name of Mr. Blondie, and I saw them enormous, wolf-sized dawgs headin’ straight for us bein’ chased by a scrawny little cowpoke wavin’ their leashes like they was tiny little lassos not even big enough to rope a calf much less a pair of snarlin’, salivatin’, rabid wolf-dogs, I did what any good ranch horse worth his salt block would do.

I quiet-like, real casual-like, side-stepped around behind Mr. Blondie, through the brush, behind the tree, in order to let them wolf-dawgs take him out, instead of me.

And I made sure I mumbled under my breath to him, like we was cowboys in a bar fight like my cowboys used to get into, “Don’t worry, son. I got your back!” So he’d be reassured, you know?

Because that’s the kind of horse I am.

He was reassured right up ‘til the pack was on him. He was standin’ brave and tall like a palomino will do, and then his human lady-rider let fly with her “huntin’ whip” (although I don’t know what ever she hunts, but that’s another story) and went to crackin’ it all around, sendin’ the wolf-dawgs and their cowpoke yelpin’ far, far into the distance under the desert sky.

I really had to chuckle at my buddy Mr. Blondie. But I didn’t, because, like I said, that’s the kind of horse I am. But if he coulda seen his face…!

Code of the West. Don’t you forget it.


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5 responses to “The Code of the West

  1. Karla

    January 14, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    How often will you be posting to your new blog, Whiskey?

    Your fan


    • Whiskey B.

      January 16, 2010 at 4:52 am

      Howdy Karla,

      I hope to post as often as my human will let me near the laptop. Keep in mind that (a) I’m retired, and (b) even though I’m retired, I still have a full-time job keeping the horses I call Coors and Coors Light in line.

      And in case anyone was wondering exactly what a rabid, salivatin’ wolf-dawg looks like, here’s an example. Don’t be fooled by its appearance.

      salivatin' wolf-dawg


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